• The auto manufacturer received the certification following a meticulous assessment of the plant's water footprint and water recycling facilities for the year 2023.

Chennai – On the occasion of International Water Day 2024, Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. (RNAIPL) has announced that it has received Platinum category recognition for water-positive operations in 2023 following a rigorous audit conducted in February 2024 by DQS, an internationally accredited ISO certification body specialising in audits, assessments & trainings across the globe.

This certification reflects RNAIPL's success in implementing a comprehensive strategy to reduce the plant's water footprint through overall reduction of water usage, extensive rainwater harvesting, intensive recycling of wastewater as well as water replenishment actions including rejuvenation of water bodies. RNAIPL is also a zero-discharge plant utlising recycled water for a variety of industrial purposes.

Commenting on this milestone, Keerthi Prakash, Managing Director, RNAIPL, said, "RNAIPL has an unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible water management. Receiving the platinum certification from DQS for water-positive operations is an important validation of our efforts as we move towards setting new benchmarks in environmental stewardship. We remain dedicated to enhancing our water efficiency and minimising our environmental footprint, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for all."

Some of RNAIPL's water conservation initiatives include:

  • RNAIPL currently meets 85% of its total water requirements through rainwater harvesting. Rainwater is collected from across the plant and channeled into ponds developed in its premises.
  • RNAIPL re-uses water from its Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants for various industrial purposes, significantly reducing the need for additional water supply.
  • The plant recently expanded its sewage water recycling capacity from 120 kilo-litres to 300 kilo-litres per day, showcasing its commitment to efficient water management
  • RNAIPL's advanced rainwater harvesting, and water recycling infrastructure has established it as one of the plants that is least dependent on external water sources across the global Renault Nissan Alliance.
  • RNAIPL aims to achieve a 21% reduction in water usage by 2030 compared to the levels of FY 2022-23
  • RNAIPL is reducing water usage through a number of initiatives that include regular water audits, upgrading plumbing where required and implementing stringent monitoring measures for water usage.
  • Within the local community, RNAIPL has committed to rejuvenating and reviving 10 lakes and ponds in and around Oragadam including in Ezhicur, Kandigai, Appur, Serapanenchery, Valayakaranai, Karanai Thangal, Perinjampakkam and Vattampakkam villages. Around 90% of the work has already been complemented.

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