A group of Nissan AMI MC members wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness

Nissan AMI #BuckleUpForSafety for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Women at Nissan (W@N) Committee marked the occasion across AMI markets with several activities aimed at raising awareness about this critical health issue. The initiatives served as an important reminder that education and awareness remain key to early detection, subsequently increasing survival rates. Rolled out in each market across the region, the activities were developed in recognition that breast cancer not only impacts women, but extends to impact their families and loved ones as well.

Championing Nissan's brand purpose, the Buckle Up for Safety campaign is a display of the Nissan culture in action, enriching people's lives – not only through its products and services, but also through its values and the way it reflects them in the communities it works and lives in.

Teams across the region participated in numerous activations aimed at engaging everyone – including employees, customers, and the wider public – and raising awareness about the importance of early detection and testing. Colleagues used pink washed logos in their signatures, wore pink masks distributed by each market, attended awareness talks, and engaged in fun activities. Our social media posts displayed a pink frame, influencers test drove Pink Nissan cars and our websites featured the campaign logo.

Nissan AMI MC members and MC members across markets were actively engaged and participated in a number of activities. Sporting pink masks and pink shirts, they showed off their support by sharing awareness messages and posing with pink washed Nissan cars. Leadership across the region were at the forefront of each activity, encouraging everyone to come together in recognition of this important annual movement.

Across Nissan AMI offices, pink applications from pink masks to pink t-shirts were seen at every corner.

Contributing to more excitement and engagement, the NMEF, NMEG, AND NKSA took things a step further by wrapping the iconic Patrol, new Juke, and Kicks in pink. Teaming up with local entities like Pink Caravan in the UAE to drive awareness in the community, the markets organized test drives and influencer drives in the pink Nissan cars. In NKSA, this served as an added spark to Nissan's brand image of supporting women drivers.

Colleagues pledged to spread awareness about the benefits of early detection.

Special awareness sessions with medical practitioners to determine early signs of breast cancer and some fun activities rounded off Pinktober. In addition, each market put their own spin on the #BuckleUpForSafety campaign by carrying out their own activities.

In South Africa, the team ran an informative campaign on breast cancer that encouraged employees to dress in pink every Friday and take photos of themselves pledging how they plan to dedicate their support to this important cause.

In Egypt,pink flyers, banners and rollups were displayed around the building to mark this significant occasion. An internal competition rolled out by an influencer to award pledgers to spread awareness gave the winner a Juke for an entire week.

Nissan Middle East partnered with local entities like Pink Caravan in the UAE,and collaborated with influencers to test drive the pink Patrol across the wider region.

In Saudi Arabia, the team distributed delicious branded cupcakes across the office. The ladies attended a social event at The Colorfly Expressive Art Sessions where they all wore pink and engaged in painting activities.

In Turkey, a special live virtual session was hosted with Turkish Cancer Association President, Burak Duruman, and Turkish actress, Işıl Yücesoy, to highlight the importance of early diagnosis.

In India, a pink townhall was organized as employees across the office showcased solidarity for the cause by dressing in pink and wearing pink masks.

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