YOKOHAMA – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today held its 110th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders at the National Convention Hall of Yokohama. The meeting lasted for 2 hours 32 minutes, starting from 10:00 JST and concluding at 12:32 JST. A total of 1578 shareholders attended the meeting.

The shareholders received from Nissan's top management a report on the company's fiscal year 2008 sales and financial performance, measures taken under the Recovery Plan, outlook for 2009, and long-term direction for the future.

Nissan did not propose a year-end dividend, resulting in a full-year dividend of 11 yen per share for fiscal year 2008.

Two items were proposed to the shareholders for approval:

  1. Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation; and
  2. Election of nine (9) Directors due to expiration of terms of all directors.

Both items were approved as presented.


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