YOKOHAMA, Japan – Datsun has passed the milestone of 300,000 cars sold globally since the first Datsun car of the 21st century – the Datsun GO – was sold in India.

"Datsun is celebrating a new milestone – 300,000 customers have chosen Datsun cars since the return of the brand in March 2014," said Jose Roman, corporate vice president and global head of Datsun. "It's a short period in the history of any car brand, but we have laid a solid foundation for our future growth. Great brands are not built by companies; they are built by people. People who create the cars, who use them daily and who make the ownership experience a rewarding one. We are thankful to everybody who has joined the Datsun journey so far and are committed to further enriching customers' experience with the brand."

In less than four years since starting production, Datsun introduced five new models. Today, Datsun is producing cars in three plants, located in India, Russia and Indonesia.

As of January 2018 Datsun is present in 14 markets, including India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa, the first four "seed" markets and the biggest markets for the brand.

Datsun is striving continuously to upgrade and enhance its product lineup and its offer to customers. Datsun's best seller in India, the Datsun redi-GO urban cross, is a prime example. The car was launched in June 2016, and the brand has since introduced a number of special versions, including one with a more powerful engine in July 2017. The brand will add another new version equipped with AMT transmission this month.

In Russia, Datsun has just introduced a more powerful 16v engine on its Datsun on-DO and Datsun mi-DO models.

The latest upgrade of the global lineup is planned for Indonesia, with the introduction of the Datsun CROSS compact crossover, revealed on Jan. 18, 2018. The Datsun CROSS is inspired by the ever-changing lifestyles of Datsun customers in Indonesia, following a constantly changing world. The very name, CROSS, reflects the model's dual character, crossing the borders of daily life and performing routine tasks with ease, yet ready to take on new adventures.

To celebrate the growing Datsun family, the brand launched the #Datsunlove Roadtrip campaign late last year. The campaign encourages owners to invite prospective buyers, their friends and family members to try a Datsun on the road and share their #Datsunlove stories on social media.



Datsun Global Communications

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