Celebrity chef Aditya Bal standing in front of a Nissan KICK

5 cities, 1 intelligent SUV – the new #NissanKICKS

Celebrity chef Aditya Bal took to the streets of five major Indian cities in one intelligent SUV. Here's how he found that #IntelligenceMakesTheDifference with the new #NissanKICKS.

Celebrity chef Aditya Bal took the Intelligent SUV on a drive to rate the driving conditions in Delhi. Watch the video to see how delectable the drive was in the new #NissanKICKS.

After Delhi, Bal is now getting Bengaluru's ratings on driving conditions. What do you think? Will the Intelligent SUV leave a different taste behind?

With Delhi and Bengaluru done, Chennai is up next Bal. What to expect from this video? Filter coffee and unfiltered ratings of the driving conditions in the new #NissanKICKS.

Three cities later, Bal lands in the City of Joy: Kolkata. Sweet? Sweeter than before? Sweetest ever? What do you think is going to be this city’s driving ratings? Watch it to know it. New #NissanKICKS.

The last city of the lot: Mumbai. See what Bal saw there and find out what the city dwellers think about driving in the city. New #NissanKICKS.